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Catalogue of Photography 1999-2013 by Unni Pulikkal S. (2014)








Diptychs – A Cultural Study
A monograph of photographic diptychs by Unni Pulikkal S. ( 2016)
102 pages, 28 x 20 cm, four colour, limited edition.

Diptych monograph








Two in One
A monograph of Photographic Diptychs by Unni Pulikkal S. (2011)









Damsels from Heaven
A Catalogue of Indian Butterfly Photographs by Unni Pulikkal S. (2007)








Rhapsody in Abstraction
Catalogue of Contemporary Photographs and photo-montages by Unni Pulikkal S. (2009)









Catalogue of Photography: 1999 – 2019
Custom printed by Unni Pulikkal on archival paper, and hand-bound.
Unique edition. 28 cm L. x 23 cm W. x 7 cm D. 382 pages. Signed on 28 Nov. 2010.






Black & White Portfolio
Catalogue of B&W photographs by Unni Pulikkal S.  done during 2000 – 2010
31 x 33 cm, 60 pages, Limited Edition








Berlin Series
Catalogue of photographs by Unni Pulikkal S. done during 2011 – 2013
Contains five portfolios: ‘Seeing Dali’, ‘Street Life’, ‘Abstract Berlin’, ‘Man-Machine-Civilization’ & ‘Pictorial Berlin’
31 x 33 cm, 70 pages, Limited Edition








‘Photographic Diptychs: A Cultural Study’ ( Documentary video)
Done as part of the fellowship project for the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It deals with the theory of photographic diptychs and a community-based study on how people interpret them.







Limited Edition Prints

A print is the final product of photography – a physical object of beauty and substance, an artefact that can be seen, felt and even smelt, in addition to the aesthetic voice you hear from the image. I believe that art comes closer to completion as more and more modalities of human senses participate in the act of appreciation.

The physical as well as the metaphysical qualities of print come to play when photographic appreciation happens at a higher level. This is beyond the oft-spoken attributes of image sharpness, focus and other technicalities of the image.  This is something which can only be experienced with a magnificent print in hand – it is like knowing the qualities of fire when you move closer and closer.

I print all of my work by myself. I print for some of the most quality-conscious photographers as well.
For me, print-making is nothing less than meditation. It is as creative a process as making a photograph itself.

  • All images in these galleries are limited edition prints. This means that each one is printed only to the edition size. For example, if edition size is 12+1AP, there are only 13 original signed prints ever made. One of them goes to the artist’s collection as artist’s proof.
  • Every print is always custom printed by myself, only one at a time, inspected for perfection in image and print quality, always signed with date and numbered to indicate the edition number.
  • My signature, date and the title of the print in my own handwriting goes either in the lower margin of the print or on verso. Signature and name are also embossed on prints (not on canvas prints) with my personal embosser.
  • Each and every edition of the print is unique and never happens to be identical because each one is custom printed with subtle changes in tonalities, many a time with intentional additions to its aesthetic structure. It is this uniqueness of each print that adds to its intrinsic value as a photographic artifact.
  • All prints are made with archival pigment inks on 100% cotton rag matte (rarely glossy) paper. I currently work with archival pigment inks by Epson, printed mostly on Hahnemuehle Fine Art archival papers. Hahnemuehle is a four century old German paper mill which is known for legendary fine art papers preferred by Museums world over. I use archival cotton rags manufactured by Epson,USA, Canson Infinity Rags from France and Japanese Washi Papers as well. All prints are typically cured for a minimum of two days before transferring them to archive boxes. Prints are made, cured and stored in a temperature, humidity and dust controlled environment of my home-studio. This archival workflow, when combined with my personal methodology of print-making, yields prints that conform to museum standards.
  • Prints are shipped in unique, hand-made archival folders or boxes.
  • Each print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, mostly with a hologram that matches with an identical hologram on the print.
  • A portfolio is a curated body of my work, usually 7-15 prints, often based on a specific theme or concept. With every portfolio I try to make a visual statement on the theme / concept. Sometimes I make multiple portfolios on the same theme / concept in an attempt to make each set of prints a cohesive body, all with subtle differences in style or presentation.
  • Each portfolio is presented in a portfolio box, custom made with archive quality materials. The box contains, in addition to the signed prints, an Artist’s Statement, a Certificate of Authenticity with hologram, an index print with thumbnail prints and list of all prints. Prints are either housed in acid-free polypropylene sleeves or are separated by acid-free tissues. I usually keep a note on caring for the prints to assure their archival life. All portfolios are meant for keeping as a high-value collectible, an asset that can be passed on to several generations to come. Prints can also be framed with archive quality materials to decorate homes or offices.